Internal Facilities


  • emedia SINC Site (Instructional Computing public computer site and primary multi-media classroom with imaging, audio, video, and 2D and 3D animation)
  • cDACT Hybrid Studio (large-scale archival digital printing and web design)
  • LTA (Laboratory for Technology Arts – high end audio and DV video production, including surround sound and interactivity)
  • Digital Arts Studio in Tabler for ACH 102 courses and residential use


  • Video Editing Suites (for DV video and digital audio production to DVD and web)
  • Shooting Studio (for still and video shoots) with green screen cyclorama (for digital keying)
  • Installation Art Lab for Physical Computing (projection, interactivity, performance, sculpture and sensors)
  • Equipment Checkout System (for digital still cameras, DV video cameras, microphones, mini-disk and DAT recorders for production and DVD players, speakers, and projectors for exhibition and performance)


  • Computer Music Studio (multi-person research and production of fixed media, audio, and interactive music)
  • Electronic Music Studio (classical analog production studio)
  • Production Studio (single-user listening and mixing studio with 8-channel ambisonics)

Galleries and Performance Spaces:

  • Tabler Undergraduate Art Gallery and Performance Space
  • SAC (Student Activities Center) Art Gallery
  • University Art Gallery, Staller
  • Online Gallery
  • Staller Recital Hall
  • Wang Center Theater

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