Stony Brook’s consortium for Digital Arts, Culture, and Technology (cDACT) offers a unique site for critical research, artistic experimentation and technological innovation. It is located at the intersection of several different disciplines: Art, Music, Comparative Literary and Cultural
, Computer Science, and others. By working to build links among these departments, cDACT will enable researchers to consider objects and developments that move across traditional disciplinary boundaties, such as: interactive performances and installations, locative technologies, wireless communications, computational visualization, computer gaming, machine vision, computer music, and responsive environments. cDACT fosters a new paradigm for study in the arts and sciences—multi-disciplinary, integrative, coalitional, and comprehensive.

cDACT brings together researchers, artists, and experts from disciplines that would not normally be in conversation with each other, much less in consistent, everyday interaction. We believe this innovative approach will transform the university system on a larger scale, shaping new answers to existing questions, and giving rise to new areas of inquiry and invention. Stony Brook’s cDACT will consider areas of crucial importance to the future of our rapidly changing society, and will offer a distinctive means of interrogating these areas. Its close proximity to New York City is also a unique opportunity, allowing researchers and students access to a site that has long been a center for artistic and technological innovation.

-2011 Research-

SBU BNL Seed Grant Program Awarded for Academic year 11-12
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