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Digital Dreams Careers Lecture Series: Manuel Prossli, CEO of the NY Dance Project and cicfilms

6:45 Wednesday, April 30, 2008
What is a screenwriter, director, or producer in film? What does storytelling in terms of motion pictures, a screenplay, mean? What different types of screenplays are there and how does the approach for a writer vary? How does directing actors, the following-one-vision principle and underlying screenplay come all together? Does the choice of shooting angle influence the emotional appearance of an actor? How to finance a motion picture production? Manuel Proissl, Stony Brook Alumnus and CEO of the NY Dance Project, will answer these questions in public forum. Mr. Proissl is a young talented film maker with the passion for drama. Besides his successful career as a graduate student in physics at Stony Brook University, he has always been truly fascinated by the magic of the movies. In 2005, Mr. Proissl started an intense research marathon of two years, and wrote his first screenplay for a feature production, “An American Dream,” based on a true life story. His project turned in 2007 into a major motion picture production of Paramount Pictures with an estimated budget of 250M Dollars. Currently in pre-production with his first feature, Mr. Proissl already works on his next screenplay, based on Stuart Isacoff’s fascinating and hugely original book “Temperament.” He lives and works in New York and Los Angeles.