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Artificial Reproduction Technologies Conference

April 5, 2008
Keynotes by cDACT’s Zabet Patterson and Margaret Schedel

A graduate student conference at Stony Brook Manhattan sponsored by Women’s Studies, Artificial Reproduction Technologies, will question long-held conceptions of life, gender and personhood, and offer new possibilities for the creation of gendered subjectivities and foundations for altering identities. These technologies are often thought of as limited to the sciences, such as in reference to cloning or cybernetics, but can also serve to function in relation to historical, artistic and discursive tools. Artificial Reproduction Technologies and methodologies make the reproduction, mimicry, distortion and performance of “real” life possible, while at times calling the truthfulness of the real into question. This conference aims to generate a critical discussion of the scientific and cultural technologies that are used to create, limit and empower gendered subjectivities. Papers are invited from all disciplines and theoretical positions that deal with topics surrounding the copying of life, bodies and knowledge.