To live in the future tense, by designing, creating, and analyzing new technologies and new cultural products. The computational revolution has already transformed our world; Stony Brook’s consortium for Digital Arts, Culture, and Technology (cDACT) seeks to understand the cultural, aesthetic, philosophical, and historical significance of this transformation through critical research and artistic experimentation.

Daniel Weymouth

Daniel A. Weymouth's work has been described as “power-color” music. As far as “color” goes, he is a confessed lover of sound(s) — just about any kind of sound.

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Annual CEWIT conference 2014

The annual CEWIT conference will be held this year at the Melville Marriott. The audio/visual services will be managed by CDACT. These two departments are proud to be building a strong partnership together.

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SOUNDREAMS is a campus-wide, visual and sound art installation.

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Drum Circle is a web-based, collaborative drum machine app that synchronizes everyone to the beat, and allows effects to be sent to one another in real-time.

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